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    R. I. P. Redpan. You Will Truly Be Missed.

    I'm sorry to inform you guys, but I just got terrible news from Redpans cousin that on 02/10/2009 that she passed away in her sleep. This message was sent to me on my Deviant Art page.
    This is April's (redsilent) cousin. I'm sorry to tell you this, but she passed away on February 10. She was admitted into the hospital on February 2 and she never regained consciousness since then.
    She was a huge friend to me even on the status of brother/sister relationship.

    She was a huge fan of the Bleach series which I know some of you knew that. She wrote plenty of fanfict stories which you can read here.

    I don't have the words to type something really cool because my heart is extremely hurting. This will be my last post here because she was my link to this site. I truly love you guys as a family even you Freakshow. Sorry for the trouble I caused. If you can do me one favor please read at least one of her stories and make a comment. You don't know how much she enjoyed the feedback. LOL she would always make me and Ydoc do that. As I said I don't have much words so please honor my wish. I love you guys take it easy.

    And Pan if you can read this,(wishful thinking I know) thank you for being their. You know what I mean.



    This has come as a great shock to me, I remember chatting with April (I called her Red though) when we first joined around this time last year and many times after that.

    I found her to be a sweet and genuinely caring person, she befriended me instantly and I could sense that she really did care for those on the forum.

    Her job was cleaning published photos of models for many magazines (Ocean Magazine, Lemonade Magazine) and talented photographers, Dominic Petruzzi in particular, and I remember once she said to me that Dominic was having some trouble with another photographer and that
    "anyone who is a enemy of Dominic is an enemy of mine".

    That was her, she cared for her friends a lot and took their problems onto her shoulder to help them out and make them feel better.

    I know why Hand Banana is so devastated, but I would say to him that if he want someone to chat to or anything else that will help him get through this very painful period of his life I am here for him.

    My thoughts are with her family and friends and she will be in my prayers.

    I realise this could be considered as too serious a thing to have in a forum such as ours, but I feel that we should allow a couple of days to her friends to add their thoughts in the place they got to know her.

    I have attached a picture of here below for those who did not know here.

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    Are you sure about the information you received?

    Anyway, I haven't interacted with her much, but she seems to be a really sensible person. It's always horrible when someone dies. I hope she is in a better place.

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    sorry for the loss, she was one of the ones who like bleach more than naruto.
    she will be missed

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    Whoa....I just...I really don't know what to say. I never thought we'd experience something like this here. All I can really think is that, Pan, we will all truly miss you.....

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    ...Wow. I don't even have the heart to just make a joke to cheer people up...This is just...Wow. Pan, I can only hope you find happiness, wherever your soul may reside. It was a pleasure to at least have known you for such a small amount of time, and I will miss you, as will we all.

    And Hand Banana, It's gonna be boring without you around. But I understand why you're leaving, and wish you the very best in your future ordeals, and my condolences.
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    *sigh* I'll always remember that inside joke we had about the filler episode of Bleach with the cake.(I guess that episode has meaning to me now) You'll be missed RedPan, and best of luck banana.

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    Wow, I am very sorry to hear the passing of a member and your friend. It is very tragic news and I am a bit stunned...I echo the thoughts of a better place and finding peace.

    I am also sorry to see you go, despite some issues you were a good poster and will be missed. Best of luck and you are always welcome back here.


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    damn, this is somethin sad to hear. i really enjoyed conversing with red, we talked about bleach ALOT but we also had small talks as well.

    Well red, i hope you can still enjoy bleach while your floating on the eternal blue, and i as well as all of your friends her will miss ya.

    (@hand) well buddy, i can't honestly say we saw eye-2eye all the time, but you always lead with logic in your thoughts, and always expressed what you had to say. your cool in my book, im not gonna wish you any luck, cause i know you dont need and woyulden't want it. peace to you bro

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    her fanfics are great her art is great, even though HB was a closer friend to her then i was I believe she poured a lot of herself into her work both for herself and for others. She was a very good photo shop artist. She drew her own original art as well, I am pissed I wont get to find out how her fanfics end. I never met her in person but i could tell she was a good person(she helped HB out on his art a lot =p that was enough to show me that.) You will be missed redpan <3

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    Though I personaly didnt chat with her here, I get the kind of feeling she was a great person plus a talented artist. Rest in Peace wherever you are.

    HB, good bye to you. Troll or not you were the funny guy here.
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