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    Love child, seriously, all famous people have 'em.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    im guessing she must have been really strong, after all it was the body he used to fight the 3rd and possibly the other kage he killed. but about her background or any special ability, i doubt we'll ever know.

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    It's Freeza from DBZ.

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    You know, we see her, or what looks like her again when you see Orochimaru and Sasuke during the, soul transfer thing Oro does.

    It's like, her soul and the other guy's soul are trapped in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
    I`m not sure if this was discussed before so here it goes...

    Remember Orochimaru`s first body that was introduced to the manga?
    A young girl whom looked very much like Orochimaru. A female version of him.
    Ive been wondering this for a while now, why did he chose her? I also couldn't help but think maybe she was related to him in someway, since the resemblance is incredible. And how in the world did she and Orochimaru met?

    Orochimaru searching for hosts with 'extraordinary' power presumably remains within the confines of his ultimate goal, such as Uchiha Sasuke or Kimimaro. As we have seen, there are instances where ordinary, normal bodies are chosen. Which isn't to say they are weak necessarily, so how is this girl any special? I mean, for Orochimaru to have chosen her, or is she just another experiment, being the second successful body of the mind transfer jutsu?

    Either way she looks deep and I can imagine her sharing the same ambitions as Orochimaru. The personality that I sense from her looks resembles Orochimaru`s quit allot..A much softer female version of course. Discuss. What was your thoughts`s on her...

    PS: This is not about Orochimaru, so please focus on the girl XD
    Freakshow being the biggest Orochimaru fan I'm surprised you didnt know this but that body you are refering to is not Orochimaru's 1st. It was his 2nd Host he stated such to the 3rd hokage during the battle.

    Chances are after Itachi sliced his hand off he slipped into his 1st host and kept his original hand in that glass jar with the Akatsuki ring. That was 7 years before the 1st series. Then 3 years later he used that girl thats why he had such intrest and urgency in taking Sasukes body his time in that girl was running out.

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    She probably only looks like Orochimaru because thats what Orochimaru wants to look like, hes way to egocentric to change his appearance. As of right now she is just another body.

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    i think he probably did the same thing that he did when he chose the body before sasuke, trapped a whole bunch of ninja, had them fight to the death, then take the only survivor

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    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
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    its naruto mom ....

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    Now remember what the third hokage said?
    This may be stupid, but he said to Orochimaru, the moment he found the white snake's skin: This may be a sign that your parents reincarnated in new bodies"
    Well... what if this young girl was the reincarnation of his mother?
    Lol, I know this is stupid

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