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    Releasetracker issue.

    Today as I woke up I went straight to the site to grab the release of Naruto and Bleach.

    And to my surprise I see a real dissapointing release note.

    SleepyFans are collecting money for starting our own site. NO WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO DONATE TO US!
    The way you can help us is to download from DDL#1. That's an Easy-Share mirror and they promice to support us for our site, but I won't force you that's why I'm also adding a megaupload link
    That is what the release notes said on Mangashare.

    At that moment was down and I asked an admin if he could get back some details of the original sleepyfans releases by gumjm who releases on

    Those releases DID NOT contain any kind of stuff related to the release notes above.

    Link: Naruto 414 by Sleepyfans @

    Link: Bleach 323 by Sleepyfans @

    There has been a guy [or a girl based on his/her nicknames] who added these lies with the release notes and added his own links to gain profit of Sleepyfans' scans.

    I have moderated the releases with Sleepyfan's links and this guy kept changing back the links to her own.

    Evidence in spoiler tag


    I personally know who this guy is based on the links he added.

    So. I have deleted the releases on the release tracker, can't add them back since the admins have to approve the releases I delete.

    Now, I won't name the person who I suspect of this. But here's a big FUCK YOU because we at hate people like you.

    We here at do NOT tolerate people who abuse the free manga scanlations on the internet to gain profit in any form. Be it credit points to earn free megaupload premium accounts (example) or be it cash.

    Any person who submit's releases with such intention and have been found out will be banned without question.

    I'd also like to point out to groups who notice anything wrong with their manga releases, be it someone who added other links than their own, be it stolen cleans or translations. Please pm one of the global moderators or admins on our forum and we will take care of the release on our release tracker.

    Global moderators and admins can be found here:

    Ofcourse you can add other group's their releases if you want to spread their manga. But please, add their own site as link or inform them about adding their links here. You are taking away their ability to check their own download counts which they have the right to. (and in some cases these guys who submit other links than the group's own link are profiting of it.)

    We will try our best to keep our tracker clean of jerks that ruin it for the scanlation groups.

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    evil evil fuckers...
    I too know who Gin is talking about...not difficult to find out though, just check mangahelpers in the scanlations section...

    Sadly it's common sight that people add like 3 or 4 rapidshare links for sleepy's releases, for example...
    It's obvious that their only goal is to gain RS using someone else's work.

    Bluds, you should really think about changing the system a bit...
    It should be visible for everyone who added a release on MS

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    Oooohhhhhh.... I soooo want to know who did it :]


    edit: Oooohhhhh... I know who did it... you naughty naughty boy. Stop being such a whore.

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    lame.... dude..... just lame................ get a bloody job if you need money.........

    btw nice 19"widescreen gin0va LOL

    this is you " lalalalalalala LIE LIE LIE"
    AND THIS IS ME " lalalalalalala LIE LIE STFU!"

    Reading: naruto | Bleach | psyren | doubt | liar game | beck | deadman wonderland | bakuman | bloody monday | d.grayman

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    The fake user account created for this release was "gumjin" and the IP matches "vgvgvg" who (from a brief search I discovered) has added tons of releases to the tracker with megaupload links and messages saying the links support the group hes submitting under. I banned both accounts and will continue to ban if this pest continues to register.

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