So you want access to freely download thousands of different volumes for a large collection of series on #lurk, but you just don't know how? Follow these simple steps and you'll be able to in no time. Many people are intimidated by IRC, but it's actually really easy. There are several ways to go about successfully downloading from IRC, I feel the following is the most "newbie" friendly, feel free to comment on any steps that could be made easier.

1. Download an IRC program, if you don't have one in mind just grab

2. Install the IRC program, open it up and fill in the basic information it asks for (if applicable)

3. If you're using mIRC, go to Tools>Options - DCC>Ignore
Under Method select Disabled
Uncheck "Turn back on in:"

Just remember not to accept files from people you don't trust. If you're using a different IRC program you might want to scan through for DCC ignores as well.

4. Type /server

5. It's time to register your handle (lurk requires registered nicknames). Simply type in:

/msg Nickserv register password email
Replace password with your desired password, and email with your valid email address.

Now check your email and follow the instructions to confirm your account.

6. Now that you're registered, you can join! Type in: /join #lurk

7. Go to and click on Packlists. Either search for your manga or click the bot that applies to it (usually Mirrors or Neverwhere). If you're looking at the entire packlist - I suggest using edit>find on your browser to easily find what you're looking for.

To the left of the manga volume/chapter there will be a number, for example:
#55 2813x 51M 20th_Century_Boys_v18[Manga-Heaven].zip

The first number is the pack number, the 2nd is the amount of times it's been downloaded, the third is the filesize and the fourth column is the file name.

8. Remember the pack number and the bot name and go back into IRC. Click on your status window and type the following string (dont type it into the #lurk window in case you mistype it as they ban users who do this).

/msg Botname xdcc send packnumber

So for the above example we would do,

/msg Mirrors xdcc send #55

Approve the download and you're done!, If you use mIRC the default download directory should be c:/Program Files/mIRC/download - your file will be in there.

Have fun! While you're on IRCHighway you can also stop by #mangashare to chat with members and staff here.