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    Narutos tummy? omfg, Lmao
    she is a great hokage. very decisive , cold hearted, risk taker, and wise. she belive in her own way, and no one can stop her easily. after the blood phobia, she learned alot. so the next time she is in battle, she will be a lot different. each hokage have their own speciality in terms of jutsus. dont compare that, its just unfair as who are we to judge on these things. totally agree with POW and kuroihikari.
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    I don't mean to say that tsunade is weak,I mean she is an awesome ninja and and one of the sannin to boot.I was just wondering if she is just as good as hokage.

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    She'll have her time to shine, just before she dies probably. I've always seen Tsunade as a strong person and she will definitely surprise some people. She may not be as strong as the 1st, 3rd, or 4th, maybe 2nd, but not a lot were. Just answer me this question, if not Tsunade who would be better for Hokage right now? The truth is that nobody would and I guarantee that most people overlook that. I know you weren't saying that Tsunade is weak but you can't compare her with the others because honestly it's not fair, not only for her but for most other Konoha shinobi as well, including the other two Sannin.

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    To answer your actual question though I don't think she's as talented or as strong as the other Hokages besides maybe the 2nd but that's really not fair. Still, I will hold final judgment until after I see the best of her abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcasex View Post
    4.Senju blood? - We still dont know what if any advantages this brings but this surely has a drawback...Madara will surely want to take revenge on her for being Hashiramas granddaughter..
    That's really interesting to think about haha. Never really thought about it but she DOES have SOME Senju blood in her, even though it's probably diluted a great deal. Wonder if that gives her any abilities we have yet to see xD
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    Unless her blood has something to do with anything related to creating trees, then it doesn't afford her anything. But we know she can't use Mokuton so that throws the Senju blood advantage out the window (unless her blood burns Uchihas and Bijuu lol).

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