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    Quote Originally Posted by WiSeMaN View Post
    Thats true, however, it seems very unlikely that regular MS can control something as powerful as the kyuubi. Which is why I belive one needs EMS to accoplish that feat.
    actually sasuke stated that MS is all that is needed to control the kyuubi. EMS is just needed to unlock the final ability of MS and prevent blindness


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    eeh.. i'm not talking about sasuke controlling the kyuubi, i'm talking about when sasuke and the rest of team 7 meet in oro's lair... sasuke could be present in front of the kyuubi and touch the kyuubi... even the kyuubi congratulate sasuke for doing it (i believe no body else could do it, maybe madara could also but we dont know for sure)..

    and i remember in the past event every time naruto talk with the kyuubi, the kyuubi always lure naruto to release a paper who i believe a seal paper in the kyuubi cage... so i'm assuming if the seal is been release the kyuubi will also be released...

    so if naruto never want to do it... could sasuke do it??
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    I seriously doubt sasuke would be able to do that again, now naruto is getting sage training. Pa frog could teach him a technique to counter genjutsu and furthermore Itachi gave naruto some of his power which could relate to genjutsu.

    Next time they meet naruto will be better prepared sasuke won't get in his mind easily.

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    No one can break the MS Genjutsu! well i think that sasuke can't do it because he want not to kill naruto or destory konoha!!! the only thing he want is to kill the elders and madara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Sasuke did. Or rather he overcame it.

    I disagree a little. Itachi wasn't truly trying to defeat Sasuke with Tsukuyomi so we can't know for sure if Sasuke truly had the ability to break out a true Tsukuyomi like this...

    But I kind of doubt it
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