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    I dont enjoy watching it because it makes Naruto look like a fag. Plain fag. It is illogical. It wants to expand on the theme at the beginning of the manga, but are failing horribly. And Narutos `I-know-how-you-feel-because-I-was-once-lonely` speech.
    i agree 100%, i also hate the soundtrack for shippuden , while naruto's soundtrack was perfectly balanced this one is just lame. I also think that the anime is **** slow , i did the maths and from the beginning of shippuden till the part where naruto uses 4 tails, 1 anime episode (20 to 24 minutes) was equal to 1.2 manga chapter (about 19 pages).

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    i personally hate what they have done with the anime. the bad animation. the episodic 8-tails s*** they call filler and the sheer slowness of it just piss me off when i watch it But i guess its just a clever ploy to prolong the anime to 200+ episodes and make them lots of money in japan and america and where ever else theyre going to show the show just like the first naruto anime did

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    well, I dont enjoy really enjoy anime bcoz our country is not that updated in Narutos Anime, mostly we get REPLAY CHAPTERS over and over.

    and to add :

    OUR DUBBING IS A REALLY REALLY FUNNY. They we're really changing the twist and main point of characters..

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