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    Need a lil` help with Gantz.

    hi guys. i feel like watching gantz, but i heard, that it was made while manga was still early in production, so the anime got mixed up in fillers, and even had a filler ending.
    i got a question, to those who watched the anime and read the manga.
    at which episode does the anime stray from manga story?
    cuz` i'd like to watch anime as far as it goes with manga, and then read the manga, for original story from that point.
    and no, i cant just watch the whole anime, and then read manga from the beggining. once i see an ending (nevermind how bad it might be) i just cant bring myself to read the manga.

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    As far as I can remember everything was the same except the very last arc of the anime which is the budha Arc. That's where they include the filler to finish the anime.

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    Rather; Don't watch the anime, it's horrible.

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    I bought the DVD's about two years ago and am watching the series again right now. My advice is DO watch it and watch it with the english dub because it is better and much funnier.

    There are differences right from the start but it takes a dramatic turn after the Buddhist temple mission.

    I watched the anime before reading the manga and I loved it. After reading the manga I realized why people were mad about the anime's ending but it had to end because the production was so time consuming and expensive due to its computerized graphics. I Still love the anime because it is hilarious, outrageous and brutal.

    (Wow just realized this thread is really old...)

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