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Thread: Name and Shame

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    Name and Shame

    After an IRC conversation with jja and Sangaz on the English VA's in Cowboy Bebop it occurred to me that there really should be a thread for us to vent regarding English VA's that have let anime fans down with their work. So here goes

    The entire cast of Narotu, especially Brian Donovan and Skip Stellrecht, the voices behind Lee and Gai. Oh and Steve Blum's Orochimaru. Which is really sad considering he's the voice behind Spike Spiegel and Zabuza.

    Hilary Haag (Hitomi-Appleseed) The reason why I won't be rewatching this in English. My ears just can't stand the strain

    Wendee Lee (Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop) Let down the rest of the cast. Sounded a bit whiney.

    Just getting warmed up. I'll be back
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    hmm, Never saw this thread, I have a few, only a few that I hate becuase I don't usually even try listening to the dub as it would ruin the characters image for me.

    But... I recently rewatched Outlaw star as it's been a long time since I last saw it.
    One of the main protagonists, Melfina has a beautifull, soft spoken voice played by Kawasumi Ayako; one of my absolute favorite Seiyuu (she played Saber in fate/stay, Lafiel in Banner of the Stars and Princess Henrietta in ZnT, to name some of her well known roles). Outlaw star was acually her first real role as an anime character and in my oppinion, she did a wonderfull job which led her on to becoming a very respected seiyuu.

    I switched to the english dub out of curiosity and heard her voice... It was just abysmal, absolutly piss poor, It took away all of her gentleness with this awfull fake sympathetic sounding voice, not a touch of class to it whatsoever, Although I may be a little biassed as I've never been keen on the lazy american accents, not all american accents but just those that haven't the slightest bit of class to them, err "slack jawed" might be the term I'm looking for.

    Anyway, In summary, her name is Emilie Brown, and she's the spawn of satan for slaughtering one of my most loved anime characters, she will burn in hell for her sins, fucking bitch


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