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    Arcade login problems

    k i've been having troubles where i idle too long in an arcade game and it logs me out, i know other people have been having the same problem so here's my solution

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    I had a good score on tower defense, around 4000, however when I lost, my score wasn't submitted. An SQL error occured happened. Has this happened to anyone else?
    when the SQL error appears, open a new window to mangashare's main page DON'T CLOSE THE SQL ERROR PAGE, and log back in, refresh the sql page and viola, your score has been recorded...of course, you can avoid it completely by checking the "remember me" option when you first log in (like blud says)

    apparently, you can also log off in the middle of a game, log back on with the remember me option and the game won't notice anything...
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    Thank you, I was wondering if it was a connection time out issue or flash player was just being evil.
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    lol, i was getting worried that other people might not be getting their highscores recorded

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