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Whitebeard is on his way, that's why the Shichibukai (or however you spell it) are on their way to fight Whitebeard


The marines are joining them as well. My guess is there will be a huge battle, we'll only get to see or hear about the aftermath. I think the fact that they're battling is what's going to allow the Strawhat crew to get into the New Line, since the marines are going to be busy elsewhere. I also believe that Whitebeard will die in the battle, Asce will be saved by his sacrifice, and the Whitebeard Pirates will be splintered apart. On the other hand, I think the marines are going to be devastated, and at least one of the Shichibukai will die in the battle as well. Asce may actually meet up with the Strawhats again and join them again, especially if Whitebeard dies.
Yes WB should die by the hands of Blackbeard.