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How does everyone feel about this new subset of Logia that Oda has been introducing lately? Well, it's been a long manga, so I can certainly understand if he has to get a little more specific about his elements. Cause before we met Monet, all of us would have thought that her power would be covered by Aokiji's fruit. Same with Ace and Akainu (sort of). Caribou is swamp, while Croc is Sand, which are really just two different kinds of earth. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a "Smog Smog" fruit user. Or "Steam". Both of which makes Smoker cry :-(

Which makes it all the more strange that Caesar is just "Gas", instead of being "Methane" or "Propane" or something. It's kinda confusing.
Well I believe it goes back to the idea of there being different "levels" of DF. Considering Logias, some are extremely powerful and are at the top of their presumable tier, ie Akainu's magma trumps Ace's fire, which likely means Aokiji's ice overpowers Monet's snow, and (though I'm not sure how this one would necessarily work out) Caribou's swamp swallows Croc's sand. Caesar is likely above someone who does control a more specific gas, or he may transcend all gaseous Logias, including Smoker's smoke. However, there are cases were it would seem the very lines of advantage and reason blur, such as Magellan illustrating how deadly his poison Paramecia can be (much to the disdain of Caesar) or Marco whose Mythical Zoan gives him Logia-like intangibility. Let's not forget, too, that each DF has a natural DF enemy (Enel falls to Luffy) as well as individual DF weaknesses (BB can't turn intangible but rather negate, Monet is vulnerable to heat and being broken apart). In any case, I'm enjoying the expansion of the DF users in general by Oda as he begins working through this second half of his story.