Chapters are getting released earlier

Something fishy definitely happened in HM, the mystery person has something to do with this

(1) ichigo's mom is a quincy stripped of her powers - it would equate to ichigo having such quincy ability but why now? was it dormant? was his shinigami and hollow side overshadowing his quincy powers

(2) My preffered choice - if this ability was given to ichigo by the said mysterious individual who killed opie then the blut vene, blut arterie are like the eyes of the uchiha clan in naruto, were they can give it to other individuals who are capable of using it and it might not be limited to blut vene and arterie. Remember ivan? he was an arrancar right? how did he end up having a quincy bow at the first place? i'm almost sure that this ability was give to ichigo by the mystery person in HM