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    According to this chapter, and previous encounters with other enemies, the One Piece crew is guaranteed to get raped by a lgia type fruit user. Is that correct!?

    Luffy vs. Smoker, Smoker wins... They should invest in a lgia type user.

    You never know the value of things that are precious to us... until they are taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tycroistoi View Post
    In the first chapter or the 2nd one, Shanks said that fruits bear on trees several times in a century (every 50 years for gomu gomu fruit). I was wondering to myself what if 2 people get the same fruit (A guy who is like 60yrs old and a young kid who is 10)? Maybe that's possible
    I don't recall if Shanks said it or not, but, Oda has already stated that no two can be possessed by two different people at the same time., which sorta hints that at one stage or another some of the abilities in the series had already been possessed by figures in the past.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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