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Madara must be extremely Lucky that Obito came along, at the least.

Exactly.. that's what I mean.

- IF Madara needed an Uchiha body for carying out his Master Plan, then why wait all these time? It's not like Obito was a high-class shinobi like Itachi, Sasuke or even Shisui. All these time, he could've send Zetzu for kidnapping a 12-13 year old Uchiha and start his plan already.

All these together sums it all up; Tobi's reveal/reasons for EMP and Madara's future plan isn't all planned out very well, too be honest. In Tobi's case; creating such a world for a girl that probably didn't even loved him like he loved her.. too easy. And Madara finding an Uchiha body near his hide-out is a little bit lame IMO.

- WHAT IF, Obito ( some random uchiha ) didn't died there.. then what? Madara would've probably created Black Zetzu anyway, but still, Zetzu isn't S-class for convincing or taking on S-class shinobi like's the Akatsuki's members and especially not suited for winning the trust of Nagato, Konan and Yahiko. Madara needed an Uchiha body for executing his plan, an Uchiha capable of handling senju powers for gettin control over Mazou; ain't it little bit too easy for having an young Uchiha die above your hide-out.. JUST when you need it for your Master Plan??

So far, destiny is a big key word in Naruto Manga.. you could say that " Obito " was destined to die above " Madara's hideout ", but comparing this scenario with all the others, it's just to easy and un-satisfying if you ask me.

And Paul.. even if he caught an Uchiha who didn't wanted to give up life/ the world as it is, Madara would still be able to brainwash that person for accepting his vision of life. Madara has the right knowledge and lots of experience, if it comes to manipulation. This Obito - Madara connection could be left out.. I still prefer Obito simple dying by saving his friends.