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I really do not see how Kakshi can defeat Obito. (1) He is running out of Chakra while Obito's is continuously replenished by zetsu/hashirama cells and at the same time heals his wounds instantaneously and (2) Obito has more waepons and jutsus than Kakshi at this stage. The only possibility that might help his cause is that the back-ups arrive and help him out or at least heal and replanish his chakra as bee/8tails are pretty much useless ..

I also think that Naruto will struggle with immortal and unlimitted chakra Edo Madara.. Just too much at this stage for him as he hasn't mastered the bijuu mode while Madara has practically mastered the Uchiha, Hashirama and Rikkodu jutsus (and did I mention unlimitted chakra!!).. Perhaps we could see the sage-bijuu mode fusion???

This is grim for the protagonists and almost impossible.. while they have to put up a hell of a fight against such strong villains, the 10-tail revival is looming..

Off topic as I've been re-reading some chapters.. Why did Itachi explain that Izanami was to stop the abuse of Izanagi when it has been explained that to use the Izanagi one has to have Uchiha and Hashirama chakra/cells? Does that imply that the Uchihas have fused the two before and have used them in battle? Just a thought..
I believe Naruto will be at a disadvantage until something happens with the Juubi. Whenever the bad guys attempt to use the Juubi, something will activate within Naruto (due to the Will he received from the Bijuu).

Also, I believe Naruto's power over Hashirama's Mokuton will play a role; perhaps Madara/Obito will lose control of their stolen Mokuton, rendering them unable to control the Mazou / Rinnegan or severely weakening them. Maybe Edo Madara would return to his old man state.