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- Kishi just pulled a Kubo "I dont care anymore about it" needed an entire page all to itself !!!?
I liked it.

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- Where the hell is the backup that was suppose to arrive?
Yeaaah. Where is the 10-tails to back up Tobi and Madara?

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It just feels like Kishi budgeted his pages in very questionable ways recently. He gives a whole chapter to slaughtering some random Mist ninja, yet gives us barely anything on the formation of Akatsuki and the many, many other Tobi plot points throughout the series?
At the opposite I was surprised Kishi unravealed so many of the stuff he was keeping mysterious so far. Kishi is a good story teller. So he keeps on purpose many questions unanswered. Everything will be revealed in due time. Maybe in 3 years.
Rin's power, Rin's death, will Oro betray, how, who is the one who knows everything, how Nagato was used, what Tobi was planning to do with Sasuke, what was given by the beasts to Naruto, what will happen to Yamato, to Kabuto, How spiral died, etc. etc.

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loved it....hope kakashi doesn't die.....anybody else i really don't mind, only kakashi....
In any case, not next chapter. Kishi is always making preparations for the departures of the greats. Remember the long good-bye from Jiraya to Tsunade with the many concerns about maybe dying.

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With that much fire power on the opponents side the only help they can get is from Sasuke or the kages that Tsunade hopefully healed.
Sasuke departed for a long journey. Plus he will probably have to confront Oro. The battle Naruto vs Madara should resolve during the end of the day, which is the 10-tails only resurectional day. They could both survive and confront another day. But for the actual today battle, I really don't see how Sasuke could still take part in it.

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@ Arisart, i totally forgot about the kages and tsunade. I wonder if shes dead yet or is she pulling a "byakuya".
Her healing power costs her her life span. My guess is still she will use all her day quota to save the 4 other kages. Many other possible options of course.

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Good chapter, finally we get back to the battle. It's good to see Naruto holding his own against Madara.
Remember it's a clone actually fighting the wood dragoon. Madara saw it. Clones never win. The info they get while losing is useful though.
The question "where is Naruto" remains. I wouldn't think he is invisible or underground. He could be :
- in Tobi's dimension. Sent by Tobi who thought he was a clone. I first thought this option doesn't make sense as Naruto can't send himself back to usual dimension. But actually he can. he just has to summon a frog, go in his mouth, and release the summon. He ends up in frog's land.
- In frog's land, accumulating nature energy together with Karuma and sending repeatidly only clones to battle. Seems to me a safe way to confront Madara.