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The last two chapters of flashbacks both felt EXTREMELY rushed by Kishi's standards... he took his sweet time getting through Obito's recoup + indoctrination, and then sprinted through the exciting stuff (meeting Nagato, launching the Kyuubi attack, etc). We still don't really understand Obito's motives for attacking the village, betraying the Uchiha, recruiting Sasuke... any of these events would have been very interesting to see from Obito's standpoint, and instead we're just back to the action.
Those will probably be shown to Sasuke by the ones he went to meet, which know everything... Spiral Zetsu ? Sasuke first mentioned that he wants to meet the one that knows everything, and then Oro replied why do you want to meet them ? Only Zetsu can be considered as one and many at the same time, probably the Spiral One. Perhaps he changed his point of view at some point in time and decided to not help them anymore ?

Wow, so Rin's surname is finally revealed (Nohara) and it doesn't add anything to the plot , trololoolo again. What was the point in holding it back all this time ?

The hand seal that Obito does at the end of this chapter is quite strange, I wonder what he intends to do.