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    where there is food

    Naruto 607 Discussion / 608 Predictions


    did I really spell it "Perdictions"? Wow I must be tired
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    Good chapter, finally we get back to the battle. It's good to see Naruto holding his own against Madara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTS View Post
    Good chapter, finally we get back to the battle. It's good to see Naruto holding his own against Madara.
    yep, and Kakashi vs. Obito too!

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    The Wood Dragon was interesting. Good to see the manga is returning to the action. After a break of course

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    And we still dont know y kakashi killed rin...hmm. doesnt seem like they can get out of this...gai us practically gone n kakashi has closed his MS...ggxx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebulk View Post
    And we still dont know y kakashi killed rin...hmm. doesnt seem like they can get out of this...gai us practically gone n kakashi has closed his MS...ggxx?
    Agreed! Only two options IMO. Either the reinforcements shows up or a changed Sasuke.

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    I am confident the battle can resolve in naruto's favor without reinforcements and without sasuke. Naruto and karuma have activated their bond, i doubt madara will break that bond. Chances are obito will be pivotal to stopping madara; just, i wonder if it will be in the obvious or typical way of the villain change of heart last minute. I hope kishi finds a more interesting way to allow obito to contribute to madara's defeat. Zabuza and pein were plenty.

    With wood dragons or large creature techniques, i think it would be completely appropriate and wise for naruto to summon gamabunta and the pair of frog warriors. I would even enjoy a fluke summons of any of the lesser goofy dandy frogs in order to see madara's face as it happens. I don't, however, think ma and pa would be appropriate or useful. The toads soak up the large stuff like that wood dragon and naruto and bee can deal with madara.

    kakashi won't lose his fight with obito. There is still the matter of both eyes achieving their potential as a pair. How or what that means i don't know. A pair of sharingan when used in concert by one wielder can yield greater power. We have never seen the pair of sharingan split and wielded against one another. That changes the whole dynamic and mechanic.

    Obito supposedly knows the full extent of the uchiha kinjutsu/ forbidden techniques. What we don't see is kakashi knowing one of them. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see kakashi use either izanagi or izanami in a dramatic bid to steer the fight. It would be on the level of konahamaru using rassengsan to vanquish one of the pein bodies.

    I would like to see some focus on kakashi's relationship with his sharingan. This is the perfect point in the story for that relationship to dramatically change. It is also perfect opportunity to see kakashi stay staunchly resolute in his ninja way. Kakashi needs to talk no jutsu obito (Please not naruto this time!). Talk no jutsu + izanami = freed obito but half blind kakashi. Obito takes the advantage away from madara.

    Afterwards, someone will be dead. It's too heavy and epic for all major combatants to survive. Will it be...

    Bee? Gai? Kakashi? Obito?

    I could even see kakashi dying and obito filling the void after everything is settled.

    What do the different levels of occular doujutsu see when reading make out tactics.

    Byakugan - holding hands

    Sharingan - kissing

    Mangekyo - showering together

    EMS - restricted *parents permission*

    Rinnegan - your girlfriend will disown you at this point
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    - I was hoping to see more important major events from Obito's POV like going to the Mist village etc...

    - Kishi just pulled a Kubo "I dont care anymore about it" needed an entire page all to itself !!!?

    - lol did they translate Naruto really say the word "Cajolery" what a vocabulary he has now.

    - Where the hell is the backup that was suppose to arrive?

    No Naruto next week lol this chapter felt like it was holding back like there was something he wanted to do but decided to leave it until next next week.

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    I am going with Knife Eater on this one too. Madara by saying "this attack held my Kyuubi" thinks that the same level of technique will work again. This is not true IMO. Naruto and Kurama have bonded and it was said early on (i think by Chiyo) that a Jinchuriki who is in control of the Bijuu focuses the Bijuus powers, making it stronger than a Bijuu by itself. So i am going to go with Naruto and Kurama getting the upper hand.

    Sasuke's search for the 'person who knows everything' has not progressed far enough for him to have a big meeting with whoever it is and then to stumple across Naruto still going at it with Madara. That would just be too rushed, so i guess this one is all on Naruto and Kurama (does not look like Bee will be much help).
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    That concludes the flashbacks, I was kinda hoping for that. The purpose of these flashbacks was IMO to make us understand Obito and his background of villian and I think it managed to do so .. at least for me. Obito stopped caring for the real world bcs good people had to suffer as with winners theyre allways loosers right ? I can relate to that bcs honestly thats how the world works. This makes me even more so interested to see what philosophical answers can Kishi provide through Naruto.

    About the battle, it lookse pretty bad for Naruto and co. By the looks of it, Naruto is the only one still capable of fighting toe to toe while the Bee and Kakashi is exhausted and Gai lookes to be even wounded. Turning the tide now requires a major boost. The possibilities here are ..
    • Gai opening his "suicide" gate
    • Naruto using what the other Bijuus gave him
    • Shinobi Alliance reinforcments
    • Juubi going rogue
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