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    Mirai Nikki

    Mirai Nikki (未来日記, The Future Diary) is the story of Amano Yukiteru who doesn't really like to company of people and prefers to be a "bystander" to life. He uses his cell phone as a diary and records the things he sees around him during his life, making him a bystander. Yuki has one friend that's the god of time known as Deus Ex Machina. One day Deus decides to make a game to determine who the successor to his throne would be. Though this isn't just some regular game, it's a survival game. Yuki's diary turns into a device that predicts the future, this also happens to 11 other opponents. He realizes he can't win on his own, and decides to team up with Gasai Yuno, another diary holder and a very intelligent girl who is psychotically in love with him. With the wheels of this "game in motion, last person remaining alive will become the new god of time and space itself; Deus Ex Machina.

    Mirai Nikki is currently one of my favorite shonen series. The story is pretty unique and watching the psychotic love Yuno feels for Yuki is very entertaining. Overall this manga is a very entertaining read, and I'm going crazy waiting on it's monthly releases. Chapters are scanlated by 4chan's /a/, so sometimes they add meme pages making fun of certain parts of the manga, which are always funny.

    Chapter 019
    Volume 01 (Chapters 000-004)
    Volume 02 (Chapters 005-008)
    Volume 03 (Chapters 009-013)
    Volume 04 (Chapters 014-018)

    Mosaic 01
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