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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I chose Claire because she has a piece of Teresa (ma love) in her. Hope they find a way to bring Teresa back.
    sorry paulbee, u cant have Claire, the seat is already occupied by reliantkillers, you must choose another one

    Quote Originally Posted by Muzikage View Post
    lol wow

    but ayo we should have a contest you something to keep the FC active
    I agree. but there wold have to be judges and a reward and i dont quite know how to reward the winner.

    So, instead those of you who are interested in making fanbars are welcomed to do so. I think theres nothing more to say except makes something Claymore related and not too big. Ill make some myself when i have the time. Its good to see members coming up with ideas to make the fc active. im going to bring in all pictures of claymore i can find

    Quote Originally Posted by Reliant Killers View Post
    Dude that Miata thing was funny...I think it would be better if we throw in Galatea, Clare, and some tequila into the mix! Make things interesting! haha...

    Except Miata would bite off Galatea's dead...stab Clare...with her fist, bite off that #47s boobs, and then down the tequila to wash out the taste of blood. then she would laugh about it.
    Lolz, i think that miata would be buzy sucking if either Clare of Galatea bared theire breasts too
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