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    Claymore Claymore FC

    Welcome to the


    Okay, someone suggested that in the claymore thread so i decided to make it since i'm a fan too

    So we fans are gonna gather here to discuss the manga, the anime, or even the seiyuu cast here, as long as it is Claymore-related.

    so here are the ranks

    77th Generation

    Number 1: Teresa of the Faint Smile - Breaker Red (co-owner)
    Number 3: Flash Sword Irene - StormFTW
    Number 4/5: Stormwind Noel
    Number 4/5: Muscular Sophia

    78th Generation

    Number 1: Dark Alicia
    Number 2: Beth - Luc
    Number 3: Galatea - ktchris69 (owner)
    Number 4: Rippling Ophelia - greenmoon666
    Number 5 (Former Number 2) : Rafaela - bushidodude
    Number 6: Phantom Miria - Muzikage
    Number 8: Windcutter Flora - fer-de-lance
    Number 9 : Jean - Verdesnake
    Number 15: Deneve - Mikessc88
    Number 22: Helen
    Number 31: Tabatha - bluejayer
    Number 47: Clare - Reliant Killers

    79th Generation

    Number 4: Miata - Badger
    Number 47: Clarice

    Abyssal Ones

    Riful of the West - z3n0cid3
    Isley of the North - sushi
    Luciela of the South - jja

    Awakened Beings

    Former Number 2: One-Horned Monster Priscilla - JInk
    Former Number 2: Silver-eyed Lion King Ligardes - jimmyyojimbo
    Former Number 3: Dauf/Duph


    Raki - Hotaru
    Head Priest of Rabona - Paulbee
    Head of Bandits

    The Oganisation

    Rubel (Clare's Handler) - Chainsaw_Chimaera
    Orsay (Teresa's Handler)
    Ermita (Galatea and Miria's Handler)
    Rado (Clarice's Handler)
    Rimuto (High ranked member of the Organization)

    So there it is, to join just pick up a rank and say why you chose it ( hawtness, technique or whatever )

    I chose Galatea, coze she's just plain beautiful, alive and her controlling of youki just pwns

    So whats yours???

    fanbar made by bushidodude:

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