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    Quote Originally Posted by roguej2 View Post
    I believe that the logia's turning into their element thing is a conscious action. As of late I have not been able to see any logia that could transform without first being aware and then doing the change. That's probably why noro noro would be one of the greatest weapons against them. Unless they catch on and change once they are hit by it, they might not be able to react in time to avoid a fatal attack that would follow in the 30 seconds.
    I thought it was shown that while it is a concious action, you can train to become a reflex, because it's been shown plenty of times that sneak attacks don't work on most logias.

    It's why smoker was sent flying in alabasta, because he hasn't trained to make the transformation into an element a reflex yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drago Musevini View Post
    this is one way of looking at it.
    some may also say, that darkness would absorb light. then you could just put more ligh, and disperse darkness, and then ,you could do the same with darkness
    its a never ending circle with logia.
    say, aokiji vs ace.
    fire melts ice, more ice puts out fire, more fire melts moce ice, 2x more ice puts out more fire...etc. it would never end.
    this is why i think there will never be a real showdown between 2 logias.
    and thats what makes logia.. gay
    This is not true. Logically, a little bit of fire is required to melt a bigger amount of ice. So Ace has the advantage. With Light vs Darkness, its the same thing when you enter a dark room. Light up a little bit of fire and it will vanish a lot of darkness (considering darkness as an amount).

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    Blackbeard's fruit power is gravity, not darkness; its a gravity so intense that light can't escape it, a black hole essentially. Since no light comes back, that's why its called "darkness", but its really the logia fruit of gravity. That's why he could suck Ace to his hand so he could hit him, it was just a case of focused gravity.

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