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    Really enjoyed this chapter.I don't know why the others are constantly bashing the chapters,because they seem good to me(even if there isn't big fights going on).

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    New chapts out hell yeah..... >>> <<<

    And another draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaged out chapter wow those kids got saved glad that we all got to see that ... and taes story happend soooooo unexpected shes alive wooooow, the only thing i liked was that "will i save one important person and let 100 ppl die or will i save those ppl and the person dies" question for kurono...

    1,5/5 for that chap...

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    The first five pages were hilarious.

    ohhh and the last page is one hell of a cliffhanger. That thing looks serious.
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    Haven't been reading for months at a time. Just a better way to read this manga, for me. Good to catch up once and a while.

    Know that people can't be bought back or healed anymore.
    But has it been said if: can new or replacement suits be made for the Gantzers? Or even new suits for those they save or other willing to fight people,so they can also help save their planet ?

    Wonder if the aliens are just tricking the humans into making the videos, or they are using the like special effects to make it appear as if they made peace?

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    There is something I'm wondering about. Can they be regenerated and restored every time they are teleported back to the room? I've never seen anyone teleported back to the room with their wounds intact. If this is the case then, even though they can't be brought back to life, they can just request to be teleported back to the room in order for their body to be restored and regenerated every time they are mortally wounded.

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    Some good questions as well.

    Hope the characters actually ask some things like that. There seems like some decently intelligent characters in the manga. If they don't think to ask some of these questions, would be highly disappointing after the progress, they've finally made.

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    chapter 338 is out in my blog.

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    eh, feel like Tae is gonna get raped by those 2 guys, or at least I think they're gonna try something. Lol I'm getting tired of this subplot - Kurono just needs to find her already.

    I am curious to know what would happen in the cloned Kurono finds her first though - since the 'original' one is on earth with those ppl he rescued.

    idk, I hope after this subplot the 2 Kurono's fight together, although I'm sure 1 of them will die :|
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