As the title says, this is a computer related question.
One afternoon, i had 2 windows in my computer minimized, one was a folder(like a folder with anime episodes) and the other was a website i had opened.
So, as i am watching tv laying on my bed, i let my 2 year old niece play around with the keys in the keyboard, idk what she did but she shut off my computer, or so it seemed.
I looked at the power-light and it seemed it was off, since there was no light( when its on, the light is blue, when is in stand-by or sleep mode its yellow).
At first i tried pressing keys, pressing and moving my mouse, no reaction, so it seemed like it was fully off, no sound from the cpu at all, and btw it is a desktop.
So i press my turn on button, and a few seconds later, it only showed the windows loading screen for like 5 seconds it went all the way straight to how it was before my niece ever touched the computer, with my 2 windows minimized.
How did she put it in a like super stand-by mode that seemed to have left the computer completely turned off???????