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    Talking Making Raw Scans

    Forgive my ignorance, but I can't seem to figure out a good way to do this.
    I'd like to scan my copies of the shoujo manga Angelique that I picked up in Japan several years ago, but I don't want to chop them up or destroy them. Is there any good way to do this? I only have a flatbed scanner at the moment. :S I've scanned a few old images of Twin Signal (again, roughly a million years ago) by smushing the volumes down into the scanner, but it naturally didn't turn out too well.

    Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

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    The "standard" way of doing this involves the destruction of the book. Mainly by unbinding the book and scanning each separate page.

    There are professional non destructive book scanning devices but these I assume are outside of your price range. These are mainly used for large projects such as the Gutenberg project and Google Book Search.

    While I have never tried this, if you took your time with a digital camera with proper lighting and no shadows etc. I think you could pull off a very decent copy of the book. I personally would set up some sort of arm to hold the camera so that every page was of a similar formatting.
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