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    somebody please... murder me violently
    i deserve it for putting up with this $h!t

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    LoL you have been trolled !

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    how is a song 170mb? or is it listed wrong on their torrent page?

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    compression i guess, I remember trying to copy a game called commandoes it had a couple 2 gig files on it but it was on a regular cdback in the day b4 dvd
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    thats my question.. how the fk did they make their song and black n white into 170 megs lol

    i was like shit what?

    yes.. that IS.. my eye

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    Anyone have a megaupload link for English subbed version?
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    isnt episode up now?

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    For those who are annoyed getting trolled, I suggest you visit wikipedia for the Schedule of Bleach and Naruto shows.

    Otherwise, getting trolled is your own fault.

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    Now La Tasca is taking a legal action against DB for putting up that troll epsiode (La Tasca episode)... Wow.

    I wonder if this event will take an interesting turn because of that (legal action)?

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    La Tasca Threatens DB Over Troll Video


    In a response to the "Bleach 184 La Tasca special", La Tasca of Baltimore Inner Harbor has contacted Dattebayo, LLC, requesting that the video be removed.

    Susan Barker Simmons, Managing Partner, La Tasca Baltimore, contacted Dattebayo with the statement "The 'video' is clearly not an episode and can be defined as threatening in nature and defamatory, more specifically libelous and slanderous, the video is in print and spoken." The contact also threatened legal action.

    Our crack legal team has worked hard attempting to determine which parts of the video the restaurant found meet the above statements, but has taken the torrent off our website as part of a good faith agreement. Dattebayo, songwriter Yohan Bellotrovich and singer Benny Thompson maintain their innocence. When asked for comment on his experience at the restaurant, Mr. Bellotrovich stated, "Seriously, that place sucked ass."

    Viewers who missed the video can still find it uploaded on numerous other torrent trackers and streaming anime sites, thanks to Dattebayo's new troll-detection circumvention system. Additional information about La Tasca can be found on Google and other popular search engines.

    I hope nothing serious bad is going to happen. I hope that DB is okay.

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