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    yea but i keep getting a feeling Naruto is gonna arrive to the scene of a dead kakashi .... lol not sayin that he's weak or anything but that's how kishi planned it out in my opinion.

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    Ah, yes, the old "It must be a plot hole" line.

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    something to add to what i said earlier. If Pein did lose all his bodies in the battle with Konoha he still has bodies that he could replace them with so its not like if his he (bodies) is killed durning the attack his character will still be alive so thats something to take into account now i do think Kakashi will win because thats not the real Pein their just his puppets. So why would Kishi kill off another major character to some puppets it wouldnt make any sence

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    some of u guys are forgeting something, kakshi is fighting only 1 of pein's bodies not 6 of them.

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    Its too early to tell who's gonna win. We all know pein and kakashi is a strong shinobi in narutoverse. Considering kakashi's one on the choices to be hokage, he may have full powers that can crash with pein. Kakashi hadn't shown yet his true abilities from the naruto shippuudden how his techniques improve. Kakashi can summon dogs and there's also a possibility that his dogs have their own clan and a powerful too just like naruto's frogs..

    Definitely, kakashi will win between their battle.

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    Pein will win. The question is whether or not Kakashi survives.
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    if the fight would be kakashi vs 1pein, kakashi would win.
    if the fight would be kakashi vs 2-3pein, close battle but pein would win.
    if the fight would be kakashi vs 4-6pein, "overkill"-pein wins.

    remember that j-man vs 3pein, j-man wins but j-man vs 6pein, pein wins.

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    Kakashi is not Jiraiya. Kakashi always seems out of chakra.

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    Kakashi will stay alive as long as Pain doesn't reinforce the god realm with a couple other bodies.

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    I think Gai will come to Kakashis aid and give pein a handfull of lotus
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