View Poll Results: who will kill/defeat Kuma??

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  • zoro

    29 52.73%
  • luffy

    5 9.09%
  • all strawhat crew together

    5 9.09%
  • someone outside SH crew..

    16 29.09%
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    Quote Originally Posted by icpt View Post
    After the SH beat the Kuma cyborgs, I'm sure franky will pick up some "spare-parts" and modify his own body with it.

    I want them to take the fake kuma:s body with them, then franky can analys it and upgrade him self^^ And maybe find some weak spots!

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    i think that what the sh is fighting is a android
    based what drake said its a pafista, suprised they bleed red, the multiples of them, the intelligence expressed by them, sh's going berserk after certain amount of damage

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    I dont think Zoro will just because he has Respect for him, and vise versa..if anything Kumas gonna get taken out by Franky Or A Admiral or something
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    i think itll be luffy considering he destroyed all the other schiciubukai too..but i was mostly guessing strawhat crew but i wanted luffy to beat him and have his bounty raised and have everyone be afraid of him
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    the one they are fighting now isnt the real kuma so right now i think zorro will do it out of pride then luffy will take care of the real one

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    who says the real Kuma needs to die. The straw hats are in his debt now for sparing their lives.

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    if anyone of the SH were to take out kuma, it'd have to be zoro. after being beaten and spared, there's no way he won't want to prove to himself he can take kuma. he needs that closure.

    though we might get to see kuma get his ass handed to him sooner, considering the shichibukai are there to take on whitebeard and crew. it'd bring me great joy to see whitebeard himself take kuma out like it's nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StateOfMind View Post
    if anything Kumas gonna get taken out by Franky Or A Admiral or something
    This one made lol....... seriously why would you think they will kill their own comrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohanssj237 View Post
    This one made lol....... seriously why would you think they will kill their own comrade?
    maybe he just think that kuma will turn side, join some pirates (maybe SH??) and fight the world government...
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