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    Bleach My first try at doing an entire chapter!!!!

    I tried to do a Bleach chapter on my own (just to see how the scan groups do it so fast) and I am very proud of it. Thanks to Neji_FH for the raws and to cnet128 for the translation.

    EDIT:feedback would be awesome.
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    It'd help if we could see the raw pages that you were working from. That would allow for a better assessment.

    I guess it's not too bad for a first attempt. You really need to work on getting your blacks blacker and your whites whiter. I'm seeing a lot of dirty spos within the white area and the blacks are not solid either. You should use the burn tool, set the mode to 'shadow' and set it to about 30 - 40% and burn those blacks. If you invert the entire page (Ctrl+I) you'll see just how dirty the white sections (that now appear black) are, and use the burn tool to get rid of them.

    The typesetting was done well though, but I don't really like the font used for regular to have it all capitalized. Also, ensure that the words are centred within the bubble and don't touch the bubble's sides too much.

    Hope this helps.
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    I, on the other hand, don't like the typesetting at all...
    The fonts are bad, the anti-alias settings are bad and the sizes are bad.
    The cleaning's mediocre, I've definitely seen worse. Just like Ahrazivory said, the blacks and whites aren't completely black and white, yet.

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