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    Naruto RP - Character List & Join Thread

    Ok here's the list of usernames and their respective characters to play. I looked over all the choices made by everyone to try to give someone one of their 3 choices. However a lot of ppl maybe misunderstood, because a lot of character were picked that arent at all involved in the Akatsuki saga. So I'll have a list of open choices as well for those who still wish to join in. Everyone can have a max of 3 characters to play, if you didnt get one of your choices feel free to claim one of the free characters on the list below.

    Roles Taken
    K-oz - Sasuke
    Tayuya101 - Sakura, Zetsu
    firepanther - Kiba & Akamaru
    Chimie - Kakashi
    yuugaoambu - Hinata
    Phizzie - Itachi
    Emer - Suigetsu
    gotnicerice - Shino
    z3nocid3 - Kisame
    damnz - Tobi
    KingSoze - Naruto

    Users Who Couldn't Be Given A Role
    ladeboras21 - You didnt choose anyone currently involved
    the hidden smog villager - Same as above
    Uchihagirl - (All characters you requested are taken, please choose another)

    Unclaimed Roles
    1. Juugo
    2. Karin
    3. Sai
    4. Yamato
    5. Pein
    6. Pein's Partner???

    NOTE 1: We are only RPing the current saga in the manga. following the manga loosely and adjusting the story to our liking. So only characters currently involved in the manga are allowed. If I missed anyone please let me know.

    NOTE 2: Also if any character goes unsupported for more a week. He'll be put in the unclaimed roles list. So in other words I know everyone has lives so I dont expect daily entries. But weekly entries are required on your character. And dont try to be slick and post a short paragraph to say you were active.
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