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    Sai reveals himself to be straight.

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    what plot...?!

    well, remember when naruto got troubled with fake Maito Gay (ep.filler) ...?
    at part when naruto must clean up sh*t container.....

    I can't stop laughing for a half hour...
    and bcause of that, my stomach got splited...

    Kalau tidak bertarung, tidak akan bertahan hidup.

    "saikyo sanjou!"

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    Naruto finds One Piece and defeats the Espada.

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    Pein reveals he is Naruto's long-lost twin(twiced removed) brother who is on crack! D:

    Sas-gay admits he's gay and love Naruto.
    Naruto admits he's gay but loves Sai.
    But Sai is straight.

    More at
    My Deviantart

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    The whole manga was adrem of a boy: when the boy from future that was flying near Plutanos moon got a realistic dream but when where ninja and demons and where he was to kill his best friend shes girl sakura punch him in face because he get sleep when they was in bed

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    after naruto kills two more members of akatsuki, they change tact and put up posters all over konoha asking if anyone has seen their lost nine tail demon fox last seen in the vicinity 15 years ago

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