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    Quote Originally Posted by ThousandSunny View Post
    Naruto and Sasuke are locked in a fight to the death. Naruto kills Sasuke, but Sasuke fatally wounds Naruto with his sword. As Sasuke's subordinates walk into the battle damaged room, Naruto is slowly walking down the stairs, holding his wound. He looks up at the crowd, extends his index finger and says...


    and collapses. End Credits.
    That seriously would beat most endings and will prolly be better than the Naruto ending.

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    That was Spike's most awesome cool guy moment


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Neji peeping on girls from far away using the Byokkugan, while those girls feel they are being watched

    Or more like Jirayra teaching Neji "The way of the perverted" Hehe...
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    Naruto is the fourths son. It turns out the fourth is a little to promiscuous and met up with a lady nin from the village hidden in the rain on one of his missions before he had Naruto. So this lady nin was always pissed because this chump who was a powerful ninja at the time (not the fourth hokage yet) knocked her up then went back to his village where she heard that he had a wife. So the Akatsuki were formed by Tobi, who is really some unknown nin who was injected with Madara's DNA and came across Pein who was filled with animosity toward the leaf village. So the two started on a rampage... and that's how we get where we are today. And since Nobody ever talked to Naruto and let him know who his father was, or of his promisuousness.

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    lmao at kendoki and the only thing that would be better is it we found out that tobi was stealing peoples sharingans to forfil his ultimate plan to rule tho lasr eye surgery industry and it finishes with him lathing saying muahahahahahahaha the powere of hd sight in my hand (hes holding smushed sharingan eyes)

    or we get a mesage from kish saying he gives up and hes been making stuff up all along and hes too old and too rich to carry on

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    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    we all actually trapped in genjutsu the first time we saw itachi eyes on comic..... all of this is illusion only..back to reality....

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    Subliminal manga to a whole new level. XD

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    Naruto actually turns out to be the fourth that became a child again when he sealed the kyubi, Pain is the fourths little brother so in the end we have 2 epic battles of Naruto (fourth) vs Pain and Sasuke vs Itachi, the two boys wanting revange on their siblings.

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    hhahahaa not telling you

    That would be really funny

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    kishimoto ends the manga after another chapter without a conclusion and says thanks for all the money buwashasha

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