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    D.Gray-man Kami no Shitotachi Ds (Trans???)

    I just recently bought a Ds and i want to play DGm, but it's in japanese. I can't read the Kanji so i can't understand much.

    I wonder if someone know there's trans text somewhere?

    Geez...i wish there's an English ver. and for Ps2 too...though i doubt there're any sell in my country.

    They really should make more DGm game..maybe for Psp so i can play it everywhere. XD

    Anyway back to the problem....plz tell me the site if you know abt the trans.

    D.Gray-man is the BEST!!!

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    No, do not buy the DS game, don't. I hear it is very bad and it looks bad to, its very boring do not buy it. All there are are long talk scenes and touching alot of things with your DS, like enemies and whatever. Its boring, just buy something better for your DS.

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    That's what I heard too, It's just the name selling it and not the quality

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