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    I'm shocked O_O

    No one see him anymore?? What does that mean?? O_O

    And oh my God. Please. The drawings are AWFUL. Man, really, the chapters in the ark were amazing :/ Ohh my poor Kanda ç_____ç

    Glad to see Mugen again

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    Good to see Kanda/Miranda in action, but if that is really the last time we see Cross... I don't know, but I'll be very disappointed.

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    For all the people wondering why the announcement of the decision on Allen was skipped... well, a dead general would likely put that effect on a group.

    Either way, I don't think Cross is dead and the whole situation was created to prolong the decision.

    I like how Allen's being used. He was once a really happy character and now that he knows that he will eventually disappear off the face of the earth, he's not so happy anymore. This makes him real, unlike other anime where somebody has a dark side to them.

    Instead of:

    "Wait! Did I just lose my freaking mind? Yeah? Eh, whatever. We'll figure it out."


    "So, I'm going to disappear forever and on top of that, I have to kill somebody who's important to me. Well, this sucks."

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    Allen has too much of a straight face when he kills the akuma. It kind of freaked me out a bit when they changed kanda's outfit. He still looks smexy though!!!! But, i wonder what that little message was that was programed into tim. Can't wait till next chapter!!!

    Kenpachi-sama out!!!

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    Well, after re-reading the manga chapter, I say Cross is going to be a villain now. </3 Makes the past quote of "Killing somone you love" make a bit more sense seeing how it says "Cross turning to the dark side of this war?" or something to that. (I'm in no mood to find the page. -_- Sleepy.) Eh, I think the hilt of Mugen is too long. xP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aren_Uoka View Post
    BUt Is he really alive? I mean: there was a hole in his mask! meaning he was Shot in the head T_T Cross is so weird and confusing...I hope we see him again♥
    crosses body might have stolen. and by the way where is maria i did not see here any ways.
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    you know what? sometimes I'm not sure myself...
    wow.....just when everything is about to be revealed and finally fall into place, Cross disappears. now i'm just back at confuzzled square one. D: *sigh* i like how they skipped ahead a bit, it just seems appropriate to me for some reason. I bet all the details of what happened will be revealed in some flashback or something. :/ If Cross staged the whole thing i don't think he went to the dark side just his own side, like he's acting on his own?. I bet he was tired of being ordered and used by the Order, its why he left to begin with. I just think its quite the coincidence that his body was taken so nobody could inspect it. >__>;; I'm not sure, ..gahhr! i can never follow hoshino's thinking for long, once i think i know what's gonna happen, bam! she pulls a fast one! XD
    Link is slowly creeping his way into my heart XD he's like a polite kanda pfft. sucks that there's no chapter next week ;__;
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    When I read this chapter I couldn't help but compare it to the first mission Allen and Kanda had together. Allen has changed so much, he was so cute and naive back then. He's still cute, don't get me wrong, but he's not so much naive anymore TAT it's so sad. He's changed so much.

    Anywho, maybe Cross is alive after all. I find it very hard to believe that a corpse broke a window and ran away. But the line "No one has seen Cross ever since" was kinda creepy. It makes it seem like Cross will never return.

    Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go wherever they want.


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    This chapter is very confusing, considering they skip 10 days after the night when Cross was murdered.... What happened in Allen's trial??, What was the response from the ORDER to Marian's murder?? AND what happened to Marian's body???... And now the author's taking, probably, several weeks off, right after leaving the story in such a cliff-hanger!! I'am hoping she explains what happened in those 10 days, before they(Miranda, Allen and Kanda) got to a cememtery in a mission to retrieve an Innosence, as soon as the issues start running again after this hiatus.

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    Obviously someone came and put those guards to sleep and then knocked on the door which led to Cross knowing (?) who it was and decided to go ahead and kill himself.

    Maybe the "other" side of the war came to kill him for releasing information or they enacted a ploy together. Cross does know magic right ~i hope he's alive. He might even be acting in cooperation with the user of the heart innocence.

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