We'd come to this decision last week and the original plan was to do 1 final release, but it seems our raw providers won't be able to procure the magazine until tomorrow so delaying the inevitable seemed foolish.

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible, we've dropped Naruto. Kylara's days are numbered with University around the corner, and I find myself in a situation where manga needs to stop being a priority. Very soon neither of us will have the time nor desire to dedicate entire Thursday evenings for this so we are opting to quit now rather than drag this on.

I stress that this doesn't have much to do with recent drama at all. Though maybe we would have been more motivated to salvage the project somehow if people/groups/sites stopped trying so hard to get us to stop, maybe not, who knows, at least they finally got their wish. It's been a bumpy road but I think as far as the actual releases are concerned we did pretty good, thanks for reading.

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Shouts to:

- Kylara: If it weren't for you always trying to push me to up the bar in quality I'd probably still be making bad scanlations XD

- Manyou: You saved our butts and helped usher in an era where the English community could once again enjoy Naruto on Thursdays. Thanks!

- Thatbabo: I love you mang

- HisshouBuraiKen: We appreciate you being on time every single week ready to give us high quality translations.

- Binktopia Staff: For the random help I needed... especially redraws/joining.

- Asce: wowfag

- All of you guys who didn't succumb to temptation, and waited patiently for our releases.