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    Arrow Online Manga Reader suggestion

    remember the's online manga viewing experience. you can just press the left and right arrow keys to 'flip' pages of all and any manga series.
    well im wondering if you nice people can do the same thing at this site. doing that would immensely help users view manga much more efficiently. the whole button pressing thing to go to the next or previous page gets really annoying real fast.

    thank you.

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    That's an interesting an idea, but I think what most people do is just press on image to move on.

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    That is quite true.

    Although it would be quite nice to have one here on Mangashare. Since I do tend to get lazy to not use my mouse.

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    yeah. that and you dont hear the mouse button click. gets annoying after a few times. plus you can just use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the page and then go to the next page with the right arrow or go back to a previous page with the left arrow. i think its very convenient if mangashare had that feature.

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    I second the suggestion! Since I always use my arrow keys to scroll down, it's more convenient for me to go to the next page with the arrow keys(:

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    oh and if anyone else wants this feature too, please comment this thread. that way the MangaShare ppl who run this site will notice this thread and maybe they will add the feature too.
    thank you :]

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    woah, people sure do get lazy huh? :x

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    woah, people sure do get lazy huh? :x
    haha thats only like 3 or 4 people.

    you should of commented after about 30 or 40.

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    I strongly support adding arrow key navigation on the online reader too. I read through Claymore at Onemanga instead of here because they had this feature. It's quite helpful if you're doing other things while reading the manga or on a laptop, etc..
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    i support this idea too...wud rather use the arrow keys, i hope its nt too much to ask for...

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