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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimie View Post
    Ever Watch/Read Full Metal Alchemist?
    No, but wouldn't that be considered a Filler plot? I know naruto has them. But It eventually leads to original ending of the manga plot

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    Not in FMA. It actually isn't filler proper, it's more of an alternate storyline, after a certain point the manga and anime diverge completely and the FMA manga isn't finished, it's still going as strong as ever and I think will have a much better ending ....I hope.

    Notable changes:

    and many more, go read it, it's good.
    My pants are on break right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    Or Maybe the anime took her from the manga and decided to give her a lil back story as a filler?

    ok i re-read the chapter, NOWHERE does it mention Matsuri, just a couple of random female shinobi's. Your assuming thats her right.
    She is in fact Matsuri, you'll see that now in the anime. just keep an eye open. People google for masashi kishimoto that you should give you an idea of the way he thinks. If someone has the interviews from Anime expo please post them.

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