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Yeah Im curious about his "different level of power" thing too, like when Aizen couldn't even sense him because he was on a different plane of power, but now it seems like these quincy can sense him. I hope its because hes rusty and not because they are stronger than Aizen. Aizen should still be able to pull his own weight when it comes to these captain class quincy, even after being locked up all that time and every other captain having a chance to train I bet hes still stronger.

Well yeah with the Hogyoku Aizen is incredibly strong. Also, his powers never diminished while fighting FG Ichigo Aizen simply began to doubt himself for the 1st time. That pissed off the Hogyoku & it took away his powers for the moment. Unfortunately for Aizen that was all Urahara needed to seal him. Ichigo himself even admitted to Urahara that Aizen didn't really lose. Aizen kind of just gave up after Ichigo went toe to toe (and surpassed him) off of natural abilities alone (sans Hogyoku).

So yeah, Aizen would wipe the floor with every SternRitter & Shinigami alike. I dare say only Juha Bach would defeat him WITHOUT the Hogyoku. Aizen's baseline abilities was/is very powerful. Only Yami could defeat him in Soul Society at the time.

I think it was an unspoken rule that after the Aizen war all of the Captains begin training to become equal to Aizen's level to the best of their ability. Even Renji told Jackie (fullbringer dirty boots) that getting to that level was his sole intent. Obviously, he nor none of the others got there lol.

LOL so yeah I gave a long answer but I don't see the SternRitter being a problem for Aizen at all. Can you imagine if Gin & Aizen were still Captains fighting for SS?! Completely different ball game lol.