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Shouldn't Marian's gun-Innocense have dissapeared or returned to it's original shape after he died??
Not sure about that. The innocence is not destroyed, so the core shouldn't show up. I personally think he is not dead. It's a plan for him to escape from the Order, again. Even he is shot, it doesn't mean that he's dead, it can mean that he's injuryed.

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I don't know. Does the Innocence return back to the normal square shaped thing they really are when the owner dies?
I'm not so sure of that. The weapon was after all made on beforehand. The weapon isn't the Innocence, the Innocence is planted in the weapon.
I think only Hevlaska can return it to the true original form, the cube. When the innocence is damaged, the core comes out, like Allen's and Suman's. And they are not cubes.