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    I believe that Cross would'nt just died like tat...
    I guess he probably used some 'magic' or Grave of Maria? Don't forget Cross is one with lots of trick under his sleeves...
    I saw he himself picked up his gun before the door was open though...

    High chance he had shot himself with it.

    Things i wanna know :
    What did Cross Marian did to his golem as mention ealier on...

    What is wrong with gramps... he seems to be worried of something?

    The storyline is getting more and more enticing!

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    Cross can't die! It's probably his plan to save Allen or coughescapecough. By creating another big news, probably the central will have to delay the announcement about Allen.

    About the other side of the war, I have a thought, just a thought that I don't think it's accurate.
    In the beginning of the story, Earl said this is a play and the exorcists are the actors and actresses. I think this has to be related to this remark. Maybe this war is about the earl vs the pope. Afterall, earl has status in the high society and Sheryl is a minister of a country, it is possible for him to know the Pope. And the other minister is actually another puppet, or akuma, of Earl. Obviously, Earl can control the situation with power on the surface and akuma in the inside.

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    Keep in mind that Cross Marian is a name reference to the Marian Cross ( which in turn is a reference to Christ, Crucifixion, and Redemption.

    Who knows what lurks beneath, but I personally saw this one coming.

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    Couldn't he just use Maria or something to hide his death ?
    Alternatively maybe he hid himself into one of the Crow Unit elite thingy's.
    I doubt he's dead

    He still has yet to teach Allen magickz !!

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    I am just throwing this out there, but did anyone else notice when cross is first in that room that that curtain isnt ripped...but on the last page it is, maybe a struggle happened? or maybe he ripped it to fake his death, im just saying thats something I noticed

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    In regards to the other side of the war...I have always had the theory that the Vatican is in with the Noah and the Earl. I think that the exorcists are just used as an equalizer against the akuma so that both sides are "evenly matched" (two groups wouldn't partner up unless they were equals...otherwise the "working" relationship would be too volatile). The Vatican most likely wants to control the world (at least the ark) just as much as the Noah do and they are using each other to succeed in their respective agendas (and in the end they both intend to betray each other...hence the army of exorcists and akuma). I found it really convenient how all of the sudden the Vatican starts appearing once Allen starts to be linked to the 14th. And...Cross could have been in hiding from the Vatican because they knew he knew the true identity of the 14th that they were looking for (he who controls the power of the ark could essentially rule the world...entire armies could be "warped" and catch nations unprepared...thus making them easier to conquer).

    Just a thought...when the "guard" asked about what Cross put in the "golem", Rouvelier referred to the guard as "Link". Link was the guy following Allen around...him being in disguise as a guard would be the perfect cover for him to murder Cross (especially if those two were betrayers of the Vatican and sided with the would make the Vatican look like the "bad guys"). Also...when Link mentions the golem it's almost like you've come in at the middle of the conversation. Previously to that statement they could have been talking about Cross's "disposal" which would lead him to say that he believes Cross put something in the golem (and in turn question if killing Cross would be a good idea because it could blow the lid off of everything if he left a message...better alive and quiet than dead and loud).

    I feel bad for the exorcists because they're just stuck in the middle of everything without a clue (kinda like the reader's eh?)

    EDIT - Upon reading this in really sounds like complicated, bad fanfic...I tend to over-think things... XD

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    I think Cross is dead. The big thing here is I think Cross' death was in the Order's plan to make Allen look like the bad guy. I think a hunt for Allen will soon take place after Allen escapes after the morning announcement.

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    May there where a Fight may not but after all i Think
    that Cross shot himself with his own gun.

    May the "Enemy" took controll of Cross's Body.
    Or may Cross did it to keep the thing he did to Tim a secret.
    'cause the Order could have use torture to make him Speak.
    So he used the only way out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChemist View Post
    I think Cross is dead. The big thing here is I think Cross' death was in the Order's plan to make Allen look like the bad guy. I think a hunt for Allen will soon take place after Allen escapes after the morning announcement.
    Well, that is reasonable but wasn't Linaly and Johnny with Allen when it happened?
    Well, they were asleep so yeah...-_-

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    Woah, shocking death of Cross. I bet it was Revellier who shot him, like it said awhile ago the Exorcist will start to doubt each other, but not just the exorcist, everyone in the Order of course. Revellier definantly doesn't trust anyone so he's definantly involved somehow. Probably Howard Link though since he was sent to investigate, Cross may have been shot or shot himself for some reason. I hope next week comes soon because the plot is getting darker because its no longer just a battle against the Earl, now there is an inner battle as well.

    I also have a feeling we will soon find out the meaning of the title "D. Gray-man". It most likely has something to do with Allen and the 14th, the split of light and darkness. Tyki is no different with his double life in a way.

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