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    D.Gray-man D.Gray-man 168 Discussion / 169 Predictions

    Omg. The end is just

    a whole lot more mystery and suspense. can't wait for the next chapter!

    Yume no geijutsuka. Artist of Dreams.

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    D.Gray-man D.Gray-man 168 Discussion / 169 Predictions

    i really hope that Cross staged this in order to escape with Allen or something.. Hoshino wouldn't just kill him so soon after we finally met him.. right?

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    w-w-w-what?! Next week better come out tomorrow.

    On a side note, how adorable:

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    The art is so different! from chapter to chapter. and his hair got even shorter O.o...I liked the long haired Allen

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    I don't get it!!!
    There's now way Cross is dead
    I think that Inside the order something is wrong!

    Thanks Blue hime!

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    Hoshino's still got it! If it takes her/him 2 weeks to pump out quality chapters like this im all for it.

    On a side note: Even if Allen's got the Noah in him, would he really be corroded to the point that he's not Allen anymore? I mean look at the other Noahs, Skin Borick only started manifesting the Noah in his teenage/20 years, but he was still Skin Borick. Tykki Mick? I'd bet the "Noah of Pleasure" wasn't always Tykki Mick; theyre all just hosts for the Noah in every generation. Thad'll probably explain all his talk about controlling the "light" and "dark" sides of himself.

    So im thinking....wouldn't the Allen-Noah thing just be like Ichigo's hollow mode deal?

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    >.> Wait for blud to post that Bink's is out.

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    Heehee. I liked Allen's new hairstyle.. And I think there's something more to that message that Cross gave him through Timcanpy.. Probably saying how he'll fake his death? *crosses fingers* It's too early for Cross to die! There must be a bigger plot behind.

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    pshh, like I'll tell you!
    I just hope that the Inspector or whoever doesn't do anything bad to Allen. I'm really anticipating to hear what they've decided for Allen's fate. And the end, I was speechless. Don't die Cross!!!

    I'm not random. I just have many thoughts.

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