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Hi Yoru, I think that Madara could have instigated the Destruction of the Hidden Eddy village although I doubt he did it alone.

It is worthwhile to remember that Madara did not awaken the Rinnegan until close to his Death. With that in mind, it is not likely that he would want to go through the hassle of attacking the Uzumakis if his plan to revive the Juubi was not working (ie no rinnegan yet). Once he awakened his Rinnegan, then he may have reason to want to destroy the Uzumakis preventatively.

Another way of looking at it is that Madara could have had them destroyed just out of Spite and Hatred for all things Senju. The Uzumakis would have represented Senju powers better than Konoha, and thus may have been a target for him, with or without the Rinnegan.
Maybe so....but i have another theory.

If Madara was the one who brought about the destruction of the uzumaki, he could have done it for various other reasons different than just hatred:

-Uzumaki clan = sealing jutsu on incredible level. Madara might have feared their techniques that could have destroyed his plans.
- Madara wasn't able to complete his plan by himself, and what he needed was an uzumaki that could do it for him. If the uzumaki stayed all gathered in their village, bound to one another, he would have never gotten the chance to influence one of them. So he destroyed the clan and left a few alive for his own purposes. He did pretty much what orochimaru did with sasuke. He couldn't lay a hand on an adult strong uchiha, so he targeted a weak young one. Madara weakened the uzumaki and led to the destruction of their sealing skills and then he targeted nagato, who was still young and weak.