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    I never thought otherwise, tobi meaning the number of people to have gained access to the sage's power (rinnegan), not meaning an individual represented a single path.

    As for "two of the paths now one being".. i think it's not so badly translated when you take into account kabuto's approach to becoming the "fourth" sage of the 6 paths. His approach was to infuse the powers of specific bloodlines into his body. Each bloodline in this case is either a major or minor bloodline originating more closely from the sage. When you also remember that orochimaru was after ultimate knowledge and jutsu, experimented with senju powers and had very unique subjects in his hideout (which now comprise taka /hebi) , bloodlines, certain ones, contain a fragment of the sage's power. Sasuke walking with members of those minor bloodlines (Karin as uzumaki would be one of the three major bloodlines) can now be considered to have sage potential depending on how he wants to approach it. If course, it seems nobody can truly have the sage's power without rinnegan. I think tobi meant that statement to stand on face value.

    That's my take, anyway. Paths can mean either realm, bloodline, or power stemming from either. The bloodline and realm must share the base in order to correspond on each end.

    Edit: thanks to jean-marie i was able to address my own problem. Always wondered why senju was so important when uzumaki is often used synonymously by having arguably better vitality and stamina, not to mention they preserved and used ultimate sealing techniques (senju have squat except for hashirama's mokuton). It seems that in tobi's lecture he points out the key senju trait. While it isn't necessarily a technique or jutsu it is key property of all things. The senju bloodline contained the power to grant life. I know it was obvious for a long time, i just never really discerned it as a unique thing to treat senju differently than uzumaki. While uzumaki have abundance of vitality for its,members, it lacks the mystic quality of "breathing life" into imagination and vitality isn't the same thing.

    Now, i wonder if namikaze will be revealed to be a minor bloodline like jugo and suigetsu's bloodlines seem to be. If the cloud village had so many treasures and traditions from the sage then there must be descending clans from either brother. Since minato's abilities were in the raikage's league i wonder if namikaze comes from cloud originally and was part of the clouds piece of sage heritage /lineage.
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