@ Tout Le Monde,

Tobi as Obito is making more sense than ever, but there are still some hard to swallow things. As POW showed with his map, Obito just falling into Madara's lap is just too convenient and hard to believe. Kishi needs to do a better job with this one.

My Main wonder is Madara.

Madara just doesn't seem like the type to really care about his own Mantra. "The LONGER YOU LIVE THE MORE YOU REALIZE THAT REALITY IS JUST MADE UP OF PAIN SUFFERING AND EMPTINESS....Blah..Blah...Blah!..."

Really, Madara? If Minato had said it, I'd have believed him, but MADARA? the guy who cares only about power? Who thinks Senjus without power are Ugly, The one who Undermined Shodaime's peace deal with the Tsuchikage and set Oonoiki on a path of treachery?

I think that the Language Madara uses may be the same language Obito uses, but the MEANING of the words may be vast worlds apart. Obito hears theese words and he thinks that he can kill and ravage as a temporary means to a greater goal where all those killed and ravage will come back to life, and all will happily and well in the end.

Madara on the other hand is only thinking about how he can be the one in control of everyone and everything in the world. I wonder if that means that Madara has always had plans to eventually eliminate Tobi right from the begining.

Lastly, I am not quite sure how this Genjutsu world will work. Just how will Genjutsu revive the dead? Is Tobi really expecting the illusion of his friends to trully replace the friends? Is this further evidence of Obito's inate Stupidity and Naivety?

I don't really get it.