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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post

    Nice chap, lot's of informations and confirmations ;0.

    No dude, the Spiral Zetsu is still in the form Obito's armor through out all of this chapter, he even talks near the end of the chapter :p. He met Nagato wearing the Z Suit, accompanied by Zetsu fused with Madara's will... it's possible that Nagato was the one that killed the Spiral Zetsu, as at this point in time, he would not cooperate with Madara (looks like Obito was pretending to be Madara on Madara's orders).

    Madara's awakening of the Rinnegan is strange as well. Perhaps there really is someone else pulling the strings... the elder brother ?

    Looks like Madara's body registered his death right after awakening his eyes, thus by using his DNA he was summoned with both of his EMS-Rinnegan eyes, while the youth seems from Kabuto's doing.
    My point is exactly that; Obito is STILL wearing SpiralZetsu as a separate entity, borrowing it's power. Obviously this does not continue; does Spiral Zetsu die, get discarded, or merge with Obito to alter his personality, boost his intelligence, and increase his strength? My guess is the latter still happens at some point; perhaps he can merge with the Hashirama portion of Obito's body, similar to how Juugo's skin could meld into Sasuke.

    It's interesting that Madara was Edo'd in his youth; my theory is that whatever Kabuto/Orochimaru did to augment his Hashirama powers also affected Madara's age / physical state. Hashirama's power is basically raw Life Force (life itself), which is why merely his flesh can grow into a massive, body-bearing plant (directed by Madara's Will, of course).

    Madara's Rinnegan, having been awakened legitimately, can revert to any level of Sharingan, or even turn its Sharingan off altogether. There's no mystery to it; if he awakened the Rinnegan, he can use it when he sees fit (is that a pun?).

    EDIT: Anyone else think that only the Uchiha could get away with those haircuts, because they can see chakra through the hair anyway?

    DOUBLE EDIT: My apologies to Zero, upon reading the Mangastream version (my third reading of the chapter), I finally realized it was in fact Spiral Zetsu speaking to Nagato. I edited my above post to delete the part where I doubted whether it was confirmed that Spiral Zetsu spoke.
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