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    MY BRAIN HAS BEEN COMPLETELY BLOWN!!!! Kishi really outdid himself in this chapter, I mean I dont even know where to begin?
    1) Madara did awaken the Rinnegan and gave it to Nagato
    this to me was when my brain began to shutdown cause I thought Nagato awakened the Rinnegan by himself, but to discover that Madara gave it to him is incomprehensible
    2) The Gedou Mazou is the empty shell of the Jyuubi
    I had to read this page again cause as aforementioned, my brain started to shut down after the first discovery, but this made me brain dead. This whole time what the Jyubi looked like but never knew it and Madara was able to turn it into a catalyst for Hashirama clones, which is basically what White Zetsu is.
    This chapter explains alot about Madara and in essence, it makes Madara God like, which means Hashirama must of been invincible cause if Madara lost to him, then just how powerful was Hashirama?

    to awaken the Rinnegan a person needs the power of the Senju+Uchiha. We know Naruto is the one that will unite the bijuus once again, so will he awaken the Rinnegan and use/need it to control the Jyubi?
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