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    Yup, they pretty much are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    Dane Cook is a lame ass and is the most unfunny man alive.
    Hmm. Yeah?

    I personally like Dane Cook. Though I must say some of his earlier stuff were better. I went to his stand up at Laugh/Laff Factory before he went big, he was pretty good then too. Of course then, didn't know he'd extend to movies and such after. (Dunno what to say about that stuff…)

    As for the link, although it’s a bash show the guys spaziness is pretty funny.
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    once hes a tree, print the bible on him
    ROFL =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post
    Dane Cook is a lame ass and is the most unfunny man alive.
    I agree with you 110%, Dana Cook is not funny and he needs to get kicked straight in the nuts as hard as possible. Of course all the current comedy guys are pathetic in my opinion as well. If it wasn't for South Park, Comedy Central would be dead.
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    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Screw all of you guys, Dane Cook is hilarious.

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    I can't stand Dane Cook at all. He focuses too much on his body instead of his jokes, in my opinion (though I can see why; the jokes aren't very funny). He's also loud and plain obnoxious.

    I've only enjoyed one joke of his, that I heard on "Shorties Watching Shorties." It was a joke about the creepy guy at the office that no one talks to; Dane talks to that guy and isn't shot when the guy goes crazy.

    However, I heard him tell that joke doing a different act, and I hated it. He actually managed to ruin his own joke, by trying to put more effort or life into it or something where it didn't need more energy.
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