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    All started with Dragon ball, then Saint Seiya(The anime) I liked them soo badly^^
    After I kept going with DBZ for sevral years and then, started to watch Shaman King.
    After that, pokèmon, and at the end Naruto which is the no1 ever!!

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    when i was real little I managed to get ahold of some gigantor and simba the white lion VHS.
    then there was pokemon and then dragonball,and so on.

    I didnt find out about manga until the 3rd grade when I bought the first issue of shonen jump.
    It came with a blue eyes white dragon wrapped in plastic.

    If I still had that blue eyes today I prolly would've sold it.

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    Well, my story is rather long and complicated... The roots I thing go as far as 11 years in the past. That time I saw Sailor moon on TV, but didn't really care much. Then something about mech, I liked that but I can't remember what it was called, then loong break and pokemon started on TV. I watched it randomely and didn't care much for that. Short after I saw Shaman King and that was first anime I saw till the end. Sometime along the road I also saw few times Yu-Gi-Oh amd Baybleade I think. Still At that time I didn't know about anime manga terms.
    And somewhere around 5 years ago when I changed school, my friend introduced me to manga, the title was Naruto and I said "shoure why not, but how do you read it?" 4 years ago I found out about Bleach, And beacouse I only knew about the site the friend told me about I downloaded chp. from it, and that is my ethernal shame (you already know which site, no?). 2 years ago I heard about Hellsing, so I started reading it, shortly after came elfen lied. And the year ago I saw something about DGM, I started to investigate it and found somewhere mangashare adress, within week I found notice about Tazmo and stopped using his site.

    Well now year passed by and I've read quite a bit, but I don't think I should post it here xD, you may think that I did nothing but reading XD.

    So what that you can see the dark inside of me?

    "All our light that shines strong only lasts for so long"

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