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    I hopped on my town's bandwagon and really got into Pokemon/Digimon.
    As for the rest... I read manga over anime, except for movies, and one of the few that I watched was Vampire Hunter D, which I watched shortly after reading the manga that came out recently.
    Death Note I heard was good so I bought the first volume, read it, and though Ryuk was made of win.
    Naruto- cousin watched it, I watched it, liked it for a year then it got boring. Still like some of the characters too.
    Vampire Doll- Read it off a shelf, and it made me laugh.
    Chibi Vampire- Similar reason to Death Note.
    Vampire Hunter D- the cover art was coo. I had to buy it.
    yeah I'll stop now.
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    Uh...hell it's a semi long story, that's on MAL....I'll be naughty and copy and paste it. (the short version -_-').

    In December 2006, my friend told me to watch 'Avatar' and I did. I thought it was wonderful and my brother figured that if I liked that then I'd like some crap he called Naruto. I told him 'no way am I watching those foreign crap.' He begged me to try and brought over the discs. Yeah...January 2007 I started watching Naruto and February I discovered the word 'manga'. Naruto started it all. If you wanna see what spawned from that, check my big ass anime and manga list on Myanimelist. Well it's not as big as Sangaz's but at this rate I'll catch up to him

    -_-' I'm officially an otaku...from mocking my peeps to joining them.
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    it all started with gattchaman, voltron and dragon ball bak in the early 90s

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    i loved the Naruto anime, but when moving pictures started giving me headache i thought i should read the manga instead.....thats where it all began

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    Way back when, in the years near 2000; saw my brother watching Pokemon and joined him on the fanwagon. I got pretty darn addicted to it. He ditched it a few years after; Dragonball Z was now the cool show. Mom and Dad got real scared for our mental health, so they canceled our Dish for years. Then, they bring it back.. but it had been to late; all my love for anime had died. O_O! Then one day I came across some Narutoez on the TV and BOOOM~ like a forest fire, my deep deep love for anime had returned; I was glued to the series. Later that year, I had came across Bleach, Inuyasha, Prince of Tennis and Death Note; I was on freakin fire. O: But then alas, my love for anime went so far... I had to ditch it all and hit the mangas. Now it seems like I only watch Code Geass and the bad dubs on TV. [/Badly narrated story]

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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    don't remember(too troublesome to go that back)
    i just know i start with Naruto

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    I started watching anime when I started watching TV xD (4-5 years old).
    I don't remember which was my first anime.
    At that time I didn't even know that all those series on german TV were anime, I just had the feeling that those with this different drawing style are way better than any other cartoons, so I sticked to them.
    My first favorite series was "Ai Shite Night" oô° and this is the only one I can fully remember from that time. I forgot the titles and the plots from the other series, but I remember them, when I see the pictures.

    I got into manga after watching Sailor Moon. I lend the volumes from a library to copy the pictures ^^ (that's how I started as an artist lol).

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    under the moonlight,somewhere in malaysia
    mine is nge........eight years ago

    ayanami rei daisuki :3

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    I blame Toonami, which started right when I got home from school. Like afro thunda, I'm pretty sure I started with Sailor Moon (I can still sing the theme song lyrics) and then DBZ. Picked up Pokemon about that time too. I got my own computer about this time and within a year had downloaded Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion using WinMX or bitorrent, I forget which one. I stayed up late to watch those and was definitely hooked on anime by that point. Finally started reading manga, starting with Naruto, at least a year ago.
    Currently reading: One Piece, Air Gear, History's Strongest Deciple Kenichi, Claymore, Gantz, Psyren, Fairy Tail,
    Change 123, Dragonball, Beelzebub, Deadman Wonderland, Naruto, Bleach, Bakuman.

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    Anime started with DBZ(And then Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and stuff...I can't remember them all)...At that time, I didn't know what was the difference between cartoon and anime^^ Now I do^^
    So...I've stopped for a while because of various reasons and continued to watch other animes without knowing what an Anime is. (Same thing for manga...I've been reading them and thought they were pretty entertaining) Until that one day I don't remember how, I learned about anime...and then learned about manga...

    I've been reading/watching anime and manga since^^ (It has been quite some years that I've been watching/reading! I'd say...Around 5~7 years^^")
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